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Astrada Schedule Optimisation

Optimise and automate your scheduling process to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations for fair, personalized, and realistic schedules

Realistic schedules

Astrada Schedule Optimisation is a scheduling optimization system that takes into account legislation, agreements, and local agreements.

For an optimised and, above all, a realistic schedule, Schedule Optimisation takes into account the needs of the business, employees' preferences, job roles, and skills.

Customized & Easy to use

Astrada Schedule Optimisation is web-based and secure. User groups determine what each user has access to.

We always customize an installation according to your needs. Development of existing and new features is done continuously with our customers to ensure that the application is perceived as user-friendly and tailored to the organization's needs.

Save time

With Astrada Schedule Optimisation, you can automate your scheduling process and reduce the need for manual handling. Free up time to simulate schedules with different conditions and analyze the impact of these changes.

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How does it work?

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Integrate  with your other systems and regularly and automatically fetch necessary data. Manual input can also be done directly in the user interface.

In addition to optimised schedules, Astrada Schedule Optimisation compiles your data and provides you with an overview of needs, personnel, regulations, skills, etc.

Optimisation model

Choose which rules should be active and which resources should be considered. The model optimises based on your selections, such as maximising production.

Run multiple simulations and save them. In addition to the results, all input is saved so you can compare the conditions for each simulation.

Optimised schedule

Astrada Schedule Optimisation generates an optimised schedule. The schedule can be easily adjusted manually directly within the platform, while feedback is provided immediately on any adjustments made.

Employees can log in  to view their own schedule as a separate part. Alternatively, the schedule can be exported.


Astrada Schedule Optimisation offers comprehensive and in-depth analysis capabilities. See how soft rules, preferences, skills, and other input affect the final schedule.

Check if the schedule aligns with the organization's strategy and goals regarding needs, workload, and skill development, for example.

We'd be happy to demonstrate how Astrada Schedule Optimisation can support your scheduling process. Contact us for a free demo with no obligations.

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