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Astrada Radiology

Costing & Profitability

Costs in Radiology

With Astrada Radiology, you get more accurate and up-to-date cost data each month, in a way that increases understanding and participation by all in the organization.

Benefits of Astrada Radiology:

• Increase competitiveness by having more accurate and better updated cost data per examination, area and customer

• Specifically developed for handling calculations in radiology

• The application enables responsibility sharing in the organization and creates participation and understanding of the results, which is a prerequisite for its use and to change the operation for the better

• Generate quotation calculations for evaluating future businesses and bids

Astrada Radiology is already being used by Nya Karolinska, Region Skåne and Region Jönköping.

Get in touch with us for a demo of how Astrada Radiology can give you better insight into costs and how we can customize the application for your specific needs.

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