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Logistics optimization for efficiency and profitability

Pick & pack, fill rates, varying order sizes, assortment costs - we help you calculate the effects throughout the entire supply chain

Logistics activities are focused on creating value for all involved entities by ensuring the right amount of material, at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost. To achieve optimal customer service at the lowest total cost, a thorough analysis of the company's logistics activities and the costs they generate is required. Simple, traditional cost systems based on volume are limited in their ability to capture which activities truly drive and impact the flow.

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Make visible accurate and transparent product cost information throughout the entire chain

Do you have many customers placing orders in small volumes? Are you handling a variety of unique products that are packaged in different containers? Is it the number of stops, long distances, or fuel prices that affect transportation costs? Through Astrada, the organization gains insights into the activities that drive costs and moreover an increased understanding of the reasons behind it. This, in turn, assists you in comprehending how to efficiently adapt the organization to enhance competitiveness throughout the entire supply chain.

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Explore our customized solutions

Astrada Product Costing

Astrada supports decision-makers with valuable information about resources, including consumption for products, consumers, and distribution channels. Take control of costs and their structure throughout the entire supply chain with Astrada Product Costing.

Astrada Profitability Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving the overall profitability of your business, such as varying order sizes and assortment costs, across all relevant business dimensions with Astrada Profitability Analysis.

Astrada PCF

In today's logistics industry, sustainability is a growing priority. Astrada addresses this by offering solutions to calculate carbon footprints. By analysing and reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire supply chain, companies can make environmentally conscious decisions and promote the use of green methods.

Astrada Offer & Pricing

In the dynamic logistics market, competitive pricing strategies and accurate quoting calculations are crucial. Astrada Qffer & Pricing combines pricing logic and cost control for tailored business decisions. It provides well-founded quotes and valuable insights for the supply chain.

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Let data drive your logistics forward and create sustainable growth

If you have more questions or are curious about how an implementation of our products actually looks like in Logistics, please don't hesitate to contact us for a demo

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