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We help you gain insight into the actual costs of intangible products and services

Understand and manage the cost structure of intangible products and services

When dealing with primarily intangible "products," traditional production costs such as manufacturing, raw materials, and inventory are often less relevant. Instead, the focus for understanding and allocating costs should be on indirect costs, such as IT systems for management and delivery.

IT systems are often viewed as simple one-time investments, but this perspective is incorrect. When a business relies on continuous system operation, all costs that arise during the process must be taken into account: maintenance, support, and ongoing improvement efforts. These costs are often difficult to analyse, making it challenging to allocate them per customer or service.

Astrada provides the organization with insights into the resources that impact IT costs, such as systems, projects, and licenses. By identifying organization-specific needs and business logic, it becomes clear which costs can be monitored within which areas and the extent of these costs.


Explore our customized solutions

Astrada Product Costing

Astrada Product Costing enables continuous monitoring of IT costs at their point of origin. Through integration with existing business systems, all users gain access to the same high-quality analysis data, eliminating the need for improvised spreadsheets and local databases. This improves both data quality and reduces the need for IT maintenance on local applications.

Astrada Profitability Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving the overall profitability of your business across all relevant business dimensions with Astrada Profitability Analysis.

Astrada Group Allocations

With Astrada Group Allocations, you can seamlessly transfer ownership from central units like IT and properties to the appropriate business area, legal entity, or owner - already in the monthly closing. The solution is tailored according to the structure of your current booking system.

Want to learn more?

If you have more questions or are curious about how an implementation of our products actually looks like in Finance, please feel free to contact us for a demo

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