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Astrada MHV
Maternal Health Care

Planning & Scheduling

With Astrada MHV, you quickly get an overview of the workload for different departments and individual midwives. You can see how adjustments change the availability of booking times, optimize your resources, and thus get more unbooked times and a better working situation for the employees.

Astrada MHV was developed in collaboration with Region Jönköping where both employees and patients experienced an improvement when the application was implemented


Get started quickly thanks to our proven system components that are combined and customized to meet your specific needs

Work with a solution that is integrated with your record systems, both central record systems and those specific to your operations

The application is suitable for all healthcare operations, from specialist clinics to medical services and primary care


Take advantage of a visualization of the results and make adjustments to see how they change the availability of unbooked times


Contact us for a demo of how Astrada MHV can give you a better utilization of resources, lead to a better situation for midwives and provide better and faster service to patients

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