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product areas

We offer a range of products that are used through the same web-based software but with different custom applications

Experience & Flexibility

We develop our own software that delivers data-driven decision-making support. Our in-house developed software allows us to quickly and flexibly meet our customers' complex and changing processes and operations. The applications are easy to maintain and everything is fully traceable.


We have extensive experience in various industries and types of businesses. Our applications are always tailored to our customers' needs, but we have categorized them into four product areas.

Astrada has extensive experience in building systems solutions to analyse and track costs and profitability in several business dimensions such as customer, product, market, and sales channel.


With Astrada, you will not only have a much easier time overviewing and optimizing your business, but also often see a reduction in the stress levels of your staff as a result.

Read more about our products in Planning & Scheduling:

With a strong cost calculation as a foundation, combined with pricing logic adapted to the market, currencies, discount systems, and various types of add-ons, a cost-effective and secure tool for sales and sales management is obtained for pricing and quotation.


Read more about our products in RFQ & Pricing:

With new environmental and climate requirements, it is becoming increasingly important to calculate and report carbon footprints in multiple dimensions.

Fog and Nature

Read more about our products in Carbon Footprint:

Learn more?

Do you have further questions or are you curious about what an implementation of Astrada could look like for you? Don't hesitate to contact us to book a free demo.

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