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Resource focus for optimized operations

Clear and transparent product cost information throughout the entire refinement process

Determining the true cost of a product in the process industry can be a challenge. The product itself often consists of many components and has gone through several stages in a complex production process. Additionally, indirect costs are difficult to track and include, and industry-specific challenges further complicate matters. Hidden costs, such as quality problems and capacity limitations, add to the complexity.


Moreover, it can be particularly challenging in the process industry to link the selling price of products to the actual production cost, especially when facing intense competition or fixed market prices. All these factors underscore the importance of advanced cost calculation models to enable precise and transparent cost monitoring.


Make indirect costs visible

Astrada offers a solution that simplifies cost tracking for companies in the process industry.


By integrating all relevant data into a single application, from input data to the final cost calculation per product, Astrada provides decision-makers with a comprehensive and understandable overview that is both accurate and transparent. This enables more informed decisions and better insights for organizations in the process industry.

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Explore our customized solutions

Astrada Product Costing

Take control of costs and their structure throughout the entire calculation process with Astrada Product Costing.

Astrada Profitability Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of how indirect resources are utilized and how this affects the overall profitability of your business across all relevant business dimensions with Astrada Profitability Analysis.

Astrada PCF

In today's process industry, sustainability is a growing priority. Astrada addresses this by offering solutions to calculate carbon footprints. By analysing and reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire chain, companies can make environmentally conscious decisions and promote the use of green methods. With Astrada PCF, you can gain a continuous, transparent, and accurate view of your carbon footprints at the product level.

Astrada Offer & Pricing

Astrada Offer & Pricing combines pricing logic and cost control for tailored business decisions. It provides well-founded quotes and valuable insights for the production process.

Want to learn more?

If you have more questions or are curious about how an implementation of our products actually looks like in the Process industry, please don't hesitate to contact us for a demo

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