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Astrada PLICS

Costing & Profitability

Patient Level Information & Costing System

With Astrada PLICS, you get more accurate and up-to-date cost data every month, in a way that increases understanding and participation by everyone in the organization.

Some benefits with Astrada PLICS:

• Generate accurate and up-to-date cost data every month and per patient

• Use the results to create a more agile organization that better utilizes your available resources

• Get the opportunity to distribute responsibility in the organization, which both benefits understanding and participation, which in turn is a prerequisite for being able to develop and improve operations

• Link the application with Astrada KPS and see how changes in the use of resources, for example, affect the total cost

Many of our satisfied users have also linked Astrada PLICS with Astrada KPS, to get an even better overview and better influence the cost picture. Region Jönköping and Karolinska are some examples.

Contact us for a demo of how Astrada PLICS can give you better insight into costs and how we customize the application to meet your specific needs.

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