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Astrada Offer & Pricing

RFQ & Pricing

Full control over pricing and quotes

Astrada Offer & Pricing combines pricing logic and clear control over the cost side. This gives you both increased opportunities to build up your specific pricing logic and parameters, and also an overall picture of all the costs that will affect profitability in each deal and quotation.

With Astrada Offer & Pricing, sales management also has a clear overview of current quotations - number, value, profitability per product, customer, market, and success rate (or quote hit rate). A very clear and positive side effect is that the quality of the quotations also increases, as the tool makes it easier to remember to include costs for additional services or supplementary products such as special transport, extra packaging, etc.

Some benefits of Astrada Offer & Pricing:

  • You have access to updated and relevant costs, with clear transparency from post-calculation to pre-calculation, and can see exactly where the costs arise

  • The solution is configured to your way of working. No unnecessary functions, and no pre-defined model that you need to adapt to

  • With Astrada Offer & Pricing, you can compare each quotation with the actual outcome and then work with all parts of the business to see and improve costs and net margin

  • Instead of having to work with a static model that may not be updated more than once a year, with Astrada Offer & Pricing you have access to a constantly updated cost model that takes into account the situation in production

Contact us for a demo of how Astrada Offer & Pricing can increase profitability through better-supported quotations, and also provide valuable feedback for optimizing the production process.

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