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Astrada Profitability Analysis

Costing & Profitability

Discover Deeper Insights with Astrada's Profitability Analysis

Go beyond sales and gross margin data. Understand the core factors driving total profitability across various dimensions, such as customers, products, markets, channels, and segments. Maintain the solution over time as your business evolves with our user-friendly software.

Two Decades of Expertise: Astrada's Proven Profitability Solution

Astrada has over two decades of experience in implementing system solutions for vertical profitability information, working with companies and organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises.


Experience has proven that high awareness of what actually drives profitability leads to both substantial enhancements in bottom line results, as well as in internal efficiency. Over this period, we have developed the Astrada Profitability Solution Process - ensuring a fast and high-quality implementation.

Key benefits of Astrada Profitability Analysis

Transparent Profitability with Full Traceability

Our visual calculation model simplifies the process of tracking cost allocations, from imported source data to the final result.


Use the application for both actual and budgeted cost and revenue calculations. It is equally effective for simulating scenarios related to product mix, costs, volumes, and more. Easily integrate the model with existing source systems for seamless, frequent calculations.


  • Our user-friendly software allows you to adapt and easily maintain the solution as your business evolves

  • Create customized dashboards for in-depth analysis

  • Generate reports directly within the application or export them to external BI tools

What our clients say

Car Factory
"We need to know exactly which markets and products that are profitable and which ones that are not. The Astrada solution gives us that information in several dimensions."

SVP Business Control - Large multinational automotive company

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Contact us for a demo of how Astrada Profitability Analysis can give you increased awareness of what builds profitability per customer and product in your business, and how you can use the insights to improve and optimize processes and results.

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