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Astrada HCPC
Healthcare Production Control

Planning & Scheduling

With Astrada HCPC, the demand for care is linked to your schedule, highlighting gaps in staffing, local needs, etc. The result provides a reality-based foundation for continuous improvement

Astrada HCPC provided Region Jönköping with a better overview, leading to more efficient resource utilization and a better working environment with reduced stress for employees

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Working with Astrada HCPC:

  • Create a sustainable long-term planning with an optimized schedule 

  • See which changes can give you the biggest impact. For example, more employees with specific competences, rooms, machines etc.

  • Utilize your resources more efficiently with optimized decision-making support

  • The application fits all health care, from specialist clinics to primary health care

Effects of Astrada HCPC

Common steering & increased transparency

Astrada HCPC provides data-driven insights at different levels based on the same data, where everyone can access each other's insights on the same platform.

Clearer steering

Working with Astrada HCPC has resulted in a demand analysis that permeates the governance work within the organization. With the same resources, availability has been improved.

Increased resource utilization

The increased resource utilization varies from 10-30%. In some cases, this increase has been directed to meet increasing demand or to reduce existing waitlists.

Increased employee satisfaction

Astrada HCPC facilitates balancing workloads and clarifying expectations, needs, and where reinforcement is needed, both in the short and long term.

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Contact us for a demo of how Astrada HCPC can support your daily operations and how we adapt the application for you specific needs.

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