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We help healthcare optimize its operations, both from an accessibility perspective and a cost perspective

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See costs and resources simply, accurately, and in the right context

Decision-makers within healthcare currently experience significant challenges in steering the healthcare system in a cohesive planning chain, from strategic prioritization at the regional and hospital levels to operational task planning at the reception and ward levels. Ambiguities in the cost of each patient contact contribute to this, where healthcare resources are not optimally utilized from a cost perspective.

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A comprehensive view of needs and capacity

Lack of holistic thinking in planning leads to situations where the staffing needs do not match the actual healthcare requirements across different time intervals, from a twelve-month perspective down to quarterly and weekly planning.

We support the organization in developing a strategic annual plan that can then be refined into a tactical quarterly plan and an operational two-week plan. This provides a tool for estimating healthcare requirements, ensuring they are planned and executed at the right time. The plan is linked to scheduling, where an AI solution provides the optimal schedule for the staff, covering appointments, surgeries, rounds, and on-call shifts.

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Connect healthcare needs with your resource planning for clearer management

Monitor the workload for various clinics and nurses within Child Health Care

Monitor the workload for different clinics and midwives within Maternal Health Care

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The importance of continuous cost monitoring

We assist the organization with a cost monitoring system that is easy to understand, where everything is available in the same application, from reconciling incoming data to the final calculation of cost per patient. The tool allows the organization to update the cost per patient as frequently as they wish, with a straightforward process, enabling a sense of ownership and understanding over the system. Through frequent cost analysis, healthcare can be directed to the most cost-effective areas, freeing up resources for the entire organization.


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Obtain current and accurate cost data every month with Astrada PLICS

Current and accurate cost data, designed for laboratory calculations

Current and accurate cost data, designed for calculations within radiology

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