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Astrada Group Allocations

Costing & Profitability

Clearer and faster allocation of revenue, costs, and capital

With Astrada Group Allocations, you can easily transfer ownership from central units such as R&D, factories, procurement, IT, and real estate to the right business area, legal entity, or owner - already in the monthly closing. This is done by setting up a logic that tells how a result or balance should be allocated, for example based on its account or organizational unit. The solution is always tailored to the structure of your current bookkeeping system.

Some of the advantages of Astrada Group Allocations:

• Save time. Create bookings and get a result in just a few minutes. The days during a monthly close are often time-sensitive. With Astrada Group Allocations, you can create debit and credit entries quickly and flexibly. These can then easily be analysed, complemented, changed and adjusted.

• Full traceability. With the visual and user-friendly tool, all details of a booking are saved, making the post easier to validate and document.

• Reduced dependence on personnel and reduced risk of error due to human factors.

Get in touch with us for a demo of how Astrada Group Allocations can give you better allocation of revenues, costs and capital, and how we customize the application to your bookkeeping system.

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