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Astrada Product Costing

Costing & Profitability

Reliable and transparent product costing information in an user-friendly application

The cost of producing a product is usually a significant cost in a company's financial statement. It is important from a profitability perspective, it forms the basis of pricing, and it is also essential in evaluating production efficiency. With Astrada Product Costing, you gain control over the cost and its structure, as well as over the entire underlying calculation process.

Astrada Product Costing is configured according to your company's production environment, machinery, processes, and work methods. It can be used to follow up on actual costs, as a basis for budgeting, and to simulate future product costs with regards to product mix, volumes, new products, cost changes, etc.

Some of the advantages of Astrada Product Costing:

• Accurate and clear product cost information

• Full traceability in the process makes it easy to explain and compare results

• Clear workflow reduces person dependency

• Easy updating for all types of changes affecting the calculation

• Clear presentation of cost changes and what impacts different parts of the product cost

Astrada has extensive experience in developing solutions for large and medium-sized companies in industries such as manufacturing (vehicles, climate, pumps), process industry (steel, forest, food and recycling), healthcare, financial services, and retail. Knowledge gained from a long line of modeling and implementation projects.

Contact us for a demo of how Astrada Product Costing can give you better updated production costs, all with a clearer overview.

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