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When the answer lies in the many questions

Analyse things correctly - but analyse the right things

In today's manufacturing industry, gross margin dominates as a central parameter, where costs are often derived from the input values of the material. A traditional cost allocation model, often standardized and volume-based, does not consider the complexities of modern operations. A seemingly profitable product with a good gross margin can, in fact, have absorbed significant costs throughout its refinement process.

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Clear and transparent product cost information throughout the production process

The total cost of a product is influenced by multiple factors. These range from the efficiency of the production process, including machine capacity, processes, and workflows, to product mix, component choices, procurement, research and development, sales, distribution, and more. This complexity complicates cost tracking and makes it challenging to understand the true effects of various decisions.


Astrada assists businesses with cost tracking that is easy to comprehend, all within the same application - from reconciling incoming data to the final calculation of cost per product. This provides decision-makers with a comprehensive and transparent overview that is both accurate and informative.

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Explore our customized solutions

Astrada Product Costing

Take control of costs and their structure throughout the entire calculation process with Astrada Product Costing.

Astrada Profitability Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving the overall profitability of your business across all relevant business dimensions with Astrada Profitability Analysis.

Astrada PCF

In today's manufacturing industry, sustainability is a growing priority. Astrada addresses this by offering solutions to calculate carbon footprints. By analysing and reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire production process, companies can make environmentally conscious decisions and promote the use of green methods. With Astrada PCF, you can gain a continuous, transparent, and accurate view of your carbon footprints at the product level.

Astrada Offer & Pricing

Astrada Offer & Pricing combines pricing logic and cost control for tailored business decisions. It provides well-founded quotes and valuable insights for the production process.

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