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Astrada PCF

Product Carbon Footprint

Get a complete picture of your carbon footprint and offer your customers product-specific carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint

The Challenge

As companies increasingly focus on reducing indirect and direct emissions throughout their value chains, the request for accurate carbon footprint is increasing. By using industry averages, companies are failing to create a competitive edge.

The Solution

Use Astrada’s award-winning application to calculate the carbon footprint for each produced product, considering the actual route and product structure. Astrada PCF offers full traceability through your entire process, including amount and emission type per production step for each product.


This is Astrada PCF

A tool that covers multiple needs

With Astrada PCF, you can easily measure, model, validate, and report the carbon footprint of your products in a user-friendly, all-in-one application. Whether you're in manufacturing, logistics, or any other industry, our web-based tool is always tailored to meet your unique needs.


Easy to use

The user can both calculate the carbon footprint for an existing product or simulate the carbon footprint for a new product or production route.

Check how the use of a different product structure or production route affects the total carbon footprint by substituting one step for another or changing the geographical route. Once the user is satisfied with the route and the product, they can download a pre-designed certificate.

Transparency for you and your customers

With Astrada PCF, you obtain complete transparency and traceability, both within the calculation model and in the results. Transparency is of central importance for carbon footprint reporting and analysis, both internally and externally.

Within the organization, internal transparency enables a thorough understanding of where emissions are generated and how they impact operations. Regarding external interactions, Astrada PCF provides you with the ability to offer your customers well-informed choices by clearly displaying the differences in both cost and carbon footprint between various products. This not only provides customers with insight but also lends your company credibility and reliability.

Key Features

Carbon Footprint Certificates

Bid farewell to average industry figures! Each batch of products comes with its own carbon footprint certificate, ensuring precision in your calculations. Add a product-specific carbon footprint to your EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), improving your offer and helping customers in their emission-reduction goals.

Complete Emission Analysis

Astrada PCF considers all Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from cradle-to-gate, following the GHG Protocol and including all scopes.

Utilize your existing data

Connect Astrada PCF to your production system, data warehouse or import production setup data from Excels. Calculate carbon footprint for each process step, utilizing your BOM and routings.

Match your reporting needs

Generate results at the lowest possible level, including all needed details. Aggregate results at the desired level for result cubes, reporting in Astrada, PDF reports for customers, and certificates.

How Astrada PCF supports our clients

We are impressed by Outokumpu's commitment to sustainability and their ambition to enhance transparency towards their customers


We take pride in helping them to become the first stainless steel manufacturer with product-specific carbon footprints. This empowers their customers to make eco-friendly choices and reduce CO2-eq emissions.

You are welcome to contact us for more information. We would be happy to show you and explain how Astrada Carbon Footprint can give you a continuous, transparent and accurate picture of your carbon footprint

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