Pre Costing Solutions

Astrada has a lot of experience creating pre-costing solutions

Doing predictions about the future is always difficult, but by using the Astrada profitability analysis methodology it is now possible to have a pre-costing model that better reflects reality. The pre-costing results can be useful when structuring the organization and its production, but can also be very valuable information in the tender stage and for pricing.

How do you make a Pre-Costing Solution?

An accurate pre-costing solution often needs a good calculation model as a foundation. Such a calculation is typically the outcome from a profitability analysis provided by Astrada. The final step is then to combine the calculation results with sale forecasts and cost estimates.

Astrada has a lot of experience creating pre-costing solutions suited to fulfill the specific needs of the customer. Moreover, Astrada also has the technical knowledge about how to integrate the pre-costing solution with existing business systems without large investments in new IT infrastructure, as well as the competence needed to extract and handle data from several different data sources.