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Astrada supplier code of conduct 

The Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) outlines Astrada’s expectations of its suppliers regarding their activities in the production and delivery of goods and services supplied directly to Astrada. It is the supplier’s responsibility to achieve and maintain the minimum standards outlined in this SCOC, and train employees and contracted parties on their consequential rights and responsibilities.  


The SCOC covers People, Environment, Community, Corporate Governance and Supply Chain. Astrada will continue to evaluate suppliers on capability and commercial acumen, while taking into consideration compliance to the Supplier Code of Conduct where relevant. 


This guideline applies to Significant Suppliers of goods and services to Astrada, whether local, national, or international.  


Significant Suppliers means organisations that are under contract and constitute a significant portion of total operating spend to Astrada. 


Human Rights  

Astrada is committed to creating and supporting a culture and work environment in which people have opportunities to do their best work.  

  • Suppliers must comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations with regard to employment practices, benefits, health and safety and anti-discrimination.  

  • Suppliers will commit to provide a workplace free of any form of harassment.  

  • Suppliers must prohibit the employment of children below the legal minimum working age. Suppliers must ensure that young workers under 18 years are not exposed to conditions that are harmful to their health, safety, or development. 

  • Suppliers commits to providing fair compensation to its employees ensuring a decent standard of living, as well as providing working hours that allows for a fair work-life balance. 

  • Suppliers must respect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association within the workplace. 

  • Suppliers must oppose modern slavery and shall not use any form of forced, bonded, indentured or prison labour. All work must be voluntary and workers shall be free to leave work or terminate their employment with reasonable notice.  

  • Suppliers must strive to support the principles in the UN Global Compact.  


Astrada is committed to encouraging diversity in the workplace and the provision of a work environment that is free from discrimination and promotes equal opportunity to all. 

  • Suppliers are to promote an inclusive workplace where employee differences in areas like gender, sexual preference, age, culture, disability and lifestyle choice are valued. 

  • Suppliers must strive to provide a workplace that is free of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or bullying. 

  • During recruitment processes, suppliers must ensure that all applicants are treated uniformly, without discrimination. the commitment extends to preventing misinformation or deception about the nature of the work, aligning with ethical recruiting practices. 

Learning & Development  

Astrada is committed to supporting the career development of its employees through continuous learning, by providing opportunities to develop skills and experiences, assisting them to achieve their career goals.  

  • Suppliers must be committed to the provision of relevant training, learning and development opportunities for all employees. 

Workplace Health and Safety  

Astrada is committed to a zero harm approach in terms of the health and safety of our employees, contractors, tenants and visitors to our assets. Suppliers must support and demonstrate their commitment to:  

  • prevent worker exposure to potential safety hazards  

  • comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations with regard to occupational health and safety and the provision of health related benefits to employees  

  • have written safety and health policies and standards  

  • have a documented system to record and reduce work-related injury and illness.  



Suppliers are to manage the minimisation of their environmental impact in the course of doing business, and to support and encourage others where it can meaningfully do so. All required environmental permits and registrations are to be obtained, maintained and kept current.  

Climate Change and Energy  

Astrada aspires to identify and respond to climate change risks and opportunities in managing our property portfolio and work towards carbon neutrality in our operations, development and business activities.   

  • Suppliers will commit to reduce their carbon emissions in areas within their control, and to imbed a preference for carbon neutral products and services in their purchasing process.  

  • Suppliers should always strive to increase their energy efficiency, as well as increasing their share of renewable energy. 

Waste & Resource Management  

Astrada aspires to utilise resources optimally for maximum lifecycle and disposal of waste without environmental harm.  

  • Suppliers will commit to maximising the reuse and recycling of materials while minimising waste volumes with an aim to minimising waste to landfill.  

  • Suppliers will commit to utilise resources optimally for maximum lifecycle, and to only use what is needed. 

  • Follow the highest of standards when it comes to any handling of chemicals. 


Astrada aspires to positively contribute to sustainable and resilient communities and ecosystems through the protection of biodiversity.  

  • Wherever possible, Suppliers will make a positive contribution on biodiversity, in relation to the products and services they provide.  

  • Wherever possible Supplier should focus on Animal welfare and soil quality as well as working for efficient land use and against deforestation. 


Astrada aspires to employ best practice approaches to sustainable use and management of water resources.  

  • Suppliers will commit to sustainable use and management of water resources in all areas that it has control over, and to support and encourage others where it can meaningfully do so. 

Corporate Governance, Business Conduct and Ethics  

Astrada regards good corporate governance as being of critical importance to all of Astrada’s stakeholders and a fundamental component to Astrada’s commitment to security holders. Astrada’s Board strives to ensure that Astrada meets high standards of governance across its operations.  

  • Suppliers must strictly comply with all laws and regulations on bribery, corruption, and prohibited trade and business practices. Corruption in any form, from minor influence to institutionalized bribery, is strictly prohibited. Abuse of entrusted power for private gain, whether financial or non-financial must be avoided. 

  • Suppliers must conduct their business in accordance with high ethical standards.  

  • Supplier must disclose financial and non-financial information in accordance with applicable regulations and industry practices. 

  • Suppliers’ records are expected to maintain all books and financial records in accordance with applicable laws and generally accepted accounting principles. 

  • Suppliers must have effective and transparent allocation of responsibilities between Board and management, where an applicable management structure exists.  

  • Suppliers must commit to safeguarding personal data from unauthorized access and corruption throughout its lifecycle, in adherence to data protection laws. 

  • Suppliers must prohibit unlawful business practices that restrain competition, improper exchange of competitive information, price fixing, bid rigging, or improper market allocation. 

  • Unauthorized use of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property is strictly prohibited. 

  • Suppliers must have effective processes in place to prevent or immediately disclose a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest related to its relationship with Astrada as soon as possible to Astrada. 

  • Supplier must comply with all restrictions on the export or re-export of goods, software, services, and technology. Supplier adheres to applicable restrictions on trade, such as economic sanctions, involving certain countries, regions, companies, or individuals. 

  • Supplier shall have a whistleblowing function in place and must strictly prohibit retaliation against individuals who report suspected wrongdoing or cooperate with authorized audits or investigations. 

Supply Chain  

Astrada is committed to working in partnership with our suppliers to realise the full value of our relationships and to positively contribute to our stakeholder communities and the environment.  

  • Suppliers must adopt similar principles to those outlined in this SCOC in dealing with their own Significant Suppliers, including the requirement to demand similar standards throughout the supply chain. 

  • Suppliers must adhere to acceptable business practices with their own suppliers, including providing timely payment. 

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