World class decision support

Astrada delivers decision support solutions with the purpose to optimize our clients resource utilization, business processes and financial result. We provide standardized web-applications on our technical platform Astrada5, customized to your specific needs.

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Why Astrada?

  • We have more than 18 years of experience in designing and implementing solutions for follow-up and calculation of cost and profitability by product, customer and other important business dimensions
  • Our solutions now also support production and capacity planning, offer calculations and more
  • Experienced team with excellent understanding of your business requirements and ability to solve them
  • World class web-based calculation tool Astrada5, developed and maintained by Astrada

What is Astrada5

Astrada5 is a web-based standard software for cost and profitability calculation, capacity planning and scenarios, developed by Astrada AB. The Astrada5 platform can be configured for different applications and used within different areas:

  • Cost and Profitability analysis – Integrated, vertical, extended and local profitability modeling, analysis and reporting 
  • Product costing 
  • Quotation tool 
  • Forecasts, estimates, simulations 
  • Capacity planning 
  • Budgeting and reporting 
  • Group allocations 
  • IT-cost allocationsshared service 
  • Cost per patient – KPP 
  • Production planning – KPS 

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Solutions that work

Any buyer of a software-based solution should stop and ask three basic questions: How do I know what to expect? How do I know it will work? How do I make it work? 

At Astrada, we take pride in delivering solutions in Astrada5 that work. Not in a clinical, test-bed situation – but in your organization. As part of your day-to-day operations. 


In order to achieve this, Astrada supplies professional help in understanding, scoping, developing and implementing the most suitable system solution in your organization. We help you set realistic and achievable expectations, perform proof-of-concept pilot implementations, as well as perform full-scale implementations, often across organizational and geographical borders.

SVP Business Control – Large multinational automotive company

"We need to know exactly which markets and products that are profitable and which ones that are not. The Astrada5 solution give us that information in several dimensions.”

Business Unit Manager – Steel process industry

"We now avoid non-profitable business much easier. But most important of all, we now have much better internal communication between sales, marketing, controller, and management. The greatest advantage is that we now discuss our business much more, based on this data."

SVP Business Control – Process industry

"The solution is very effective. I am also impressed by Astrada’s willingness – and ability – to solve the problem, which, honest to say, was not very clear to us from the beginning. Undoubtedly, Astrada did a pretty outstanding job on this!"

Vesna Gulevska - Controller Region Jönköpings län

"A huge advantage with Astrada is that it gives the possibility to manage large quantities of data in a whole other way than we could earlier. The calculations are alive and more understandable.”