Replace your SAP PCM solution with Astrada5

SAP will end maintenance at the end of 2020 for SAP PCM. Astrada5 is your natural successor to improve your business's cost and profitability management.

At the end of 2020, your company might find itself without an up-to-date cost or profitability management solution since SAP will end the maintenance of the SAP PCM software.

The move from SAP PCM to Astrada5 is a natural step, were your current business logic can be maintained with minimal effort and change to your existing systems. Our current customers has various data sources, e.g. SAP, IFS, INFOR M3, Microsoft Dynamics AX and more. The cost efficient license model is not limiting number of the user, putting the application in the hands of all relevant resources.

Astrada has great experience in helping large and medium sized companies with designing Product Costing and Profitability models in various segments such as 

  • Manufacturing industry (e.g. automotive, separators, climate, pumps)
  • Process industry (e.g. steel, forest, food and recycling)
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Retail

Astrada takes pride in our ability to adapt our standardized applications after your business needs, to a cost that is often lower compared to purely standardized solutions where your company's special conditions can't fully be applied. Continuous, customer feedback driven development of the technology for nearly 20 years gives the customer the solution they need.

Astrada5 supports all steps of profitability-based management:

  • Analyzing and documenting resources, activities, drivers and processes
  • Linking general ledger to resources and calculating cost per activity and driver
  • Designing calculation model and integrating with source systems
  • Intuitive workflows for the end users responsible for updating the model
  • Supports post-calculations, pre-calculations, capacity planning and much more
  • Solution can be maintained and further developed internally by your own organization