Quotation/Pricing Tool

Unleash your hidden profits.

Why do you need a quotation tool?

Do your sales people always make the correct decision when pricing an offer or inquiry? Are we missing easy wins due to lack of actual cost understanding for certain unique and special product offerings? When Astrada5 is implemented with a detailed and correct calculation model, this can then be utilised for the Marketing and Sales organisation for pre-costing customer inquiry’s or offers. 

This will make sure every decision made is done to maximise profitability going forward. Astrada5 has an add-on where you can design the precosting web-based tool to fit your specific needs, and it will connect to Astrada5 seamlessly. You can also add a pricing component with your specific pricing setup to make sure all extra features chosen by the customer is included in your final offer. Also add a discount system component where users have different authority to give rebates. Finally bake all these features into a quotation tool, that can be generating the complete offer to the customer as well as feed back into your ERP system all info needed for the offer.

Unleash your hidden profits.