Calculation tool

A good calculation tool should be able to handle all types of costs

Astrada5 is designed to handle different calculations to increase your profitability (or simply to manage costs) but can also be used for other purposes such as pricing, production planning etc.

Activity Based Costing

The tool allocates costs using activity based costing approach with calculations, resources, activities and drivers in different levels but are not limited to that logic. All steps and rules are visible and documented in the tool from cost center, account through the allocation logic to product/customer/order/or other result object of your choice.

Time-Driven Activity Based Costing

The tool also supports this approach. It works with the minutes approach as well as cost approach with clearly easily maintained rates (min/qty, cost/qty). If model demands, it automatically allocates remaining costs/minutes to an unutilized activity.

Standard costs and variances

It can also combine standard cost with actual costs (activity based). For example, to use production cost standards with sales and admin costs from actual costs. In this case also production variance to actuals is easily handled.

Material costs

A good calculation tool should be able to handle all types of costs and calculations that are necessary in order to follow up and measure the profitability or cost. Material cost logic in different businesses varies and Astrada5 is designed to handle this. There is no material calculation that has not been handled in the tool. Elements of material calculations can be for example cost list, recipes, yields, currency, hedged orders, scrap, reuse of materials etc. the tool can handle calculations in many different material flows and data structures for example both disassembly and assembly structures.

Other costs

Other cases like freight costs calculations can be easily set-up and handled in the tool. Different matchings steps, checks and validation materials can be transparently configured in the tool. For example, if you like to set freight based on country and vendor as first step and if no matches then only add a factor by country. It can also handle currency effects, unutilised capacity, handling of extreme values etc.

Value chain calculations connect sales between units

The tool can be used to follow a product through the business chain to connect all the different cost all through the business value chain. If the id of the product can´t be traced, different cost lists can be used in several steps.

Lifecycle analysis

Life cycle analysis of products and customers with main sales, spare part sales, support etc is a powerful way of analysing the profitability and the complete business.

Other Calculations

We have not yet come across a calculation that the tool can not handle. Please contact us for more information on how to fulfil your calculation needs.