Astrada5 – supports successful business decisions based on facts

Every day more than 2 500 end users relies on cost and profitability information from Astrada5.
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Web based

Modelling and Result analysis in the same flow

Intuitive workflows for the end users responsible for updating the model

With astrada5 it will be natural to run the solutions in a web client and in the cloud (public/private). Calculation modelling is done in a flow workspace, where it is simple to follow your costs through the whole model, and to understand the result by any result object (customer/product/Invoice etc.) The updating of the result is simplified by user specific workflows, much like a step-by-step wizard. The users will only see what they are responsible of and in which order to perform the defined tasks. There are also a feature with required “sign-off” reports where the users have to approve of the numbers/results before sending things further into the solution. All this is logged and can be followed up.


One tool for all your profitability information needs

A basic Astrada5 implementation gives your organisation the possibility to monitor and analyse actual profitability data in all relevant (defined) dimensions, such as product, customer, and sales channel. It also provides you with powerful pre-costing functionality, as well as the functionality to simulate the effect of future scenarios, using actual profitability data.

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Astrada5 supports all steps of profitability based management:

  • Analysing and documenting resources, activities, drivers and processes
  • Linking general ledger to resources and calculating cost per activity and driver
  • Designing calculation model and integrating with source systems
  • Intuitive workflows for the end users responsible for updating the model
  • Supports post-calculations, pre-calculations, capacity planning and much more
  • Solution can be maintained and further developed internally by your own organisation

SVP Business Control – Large multinational automotive company

"We need to know exactly which markets and products that are profitable and which ones that are not. The Astrada5 solution give us that information in several dimensions.”

Business Unit Manager – Steel process industry

"We now avoid non-profitable business much easier. But most important of all, we now have much better internal communication between sales, marketing, controller, and management. The greatest advantage is that we now discuss our business much more, based on this data."

SVP Business Control – Process industry

"The solution is very effective. I am also impressed by Astrada’s willingness – and ability – to solve the problem, which, honest to say, was not very clear to us from the beginning. Undoubtedly, Astrada did a pretty outstanding job on this!"

Vesna Gulevska - Controller Region Jönköpings län

"A huge advantage with Astrada is that it gives the possibility to manage large quantities of data in a whole other way than we could earlier. The calculations are alive and more understandable.”