Profitability Analysis

Astrada is always tailor-made to perfectly suit your required needs

What is a Profitability Analysis?

Profitability Analysis is about understanding what drives cost and revenues and how they are truly related to your customers and products.

Experience has proven that high awareness of what actually drives profitability leads to significant improvements in bottom line results, ats well as in internal efficiency. A profitability analysis project from Astrada is always tailor made to perfectly suit your required needs. The time and effort of a profitability analysis hence varies greatly, depending on size and complexity of involved company/ organization. The goal is not just to get the software up and running, but rather to generate an understanding of which products and/or customers that are truly profitable and to get the organization up and running in the direction of profitability analysis– at long-term strategic level as well as in daily operations.

Astrada has over two decades experience in implementing Profitability management systems in small to world wide organisations. We have during this time developed a standard implementation project model called "Astrada Profitability Solution Process" to ensure a fast implementation with high quality. This includes a total documentation of all steps with system checks and well defined milestones.

The main elements in this implementation process model are:

  • Project start-up
  • Resource Analysis
  • Data Capture
  • Calculation Model
  • Model and Result validation
  • Solution integration
  • Solution test and validation
  • Report design and distribution
  • Result anaysis and Training
  • Operation