At last: analyze, plan and optimize costs and resources in an easy and correct context. Astrada is the solution to one of the public sector's biggest challanges

Astrada's applications Astrada KPP and Astrada KPS gives the healthcare sector the possibility to optimize work, both in an availability and a cost perspective.

Decision makers within healthcare face great challanges in managing due to the lack of a cohesive planning process, from strategic priorities on a regional or hospital level to the operative planning of tasks on a clinic level. Unclear drivers of cost is a factor in this, where theresources is not used optimally in a cost perspective.

The lack of holistic planning leads to situations where the need for personnel doesn't match the actual care need during different period of time, from a twelve-month perspective down to the weekly planning. A lack of continuous cost follow-up leads to situations where the planned schedule is not sustainable in a budget perspective.

Astrada KPS enables the operations manager to create a strategic plan for the whole year, that later is broken down into a tactical quarterly plan and an operative two-week plan. This gives the manager all the tools he need need to plan the estimated care need and make sure it's done at the correct time. The plan is connected to a scheduler tool, where an AI-solution gives the optimal schedule for doctors. Furthermore, the same AI-solution creates a cohesive schedule where everything from the whole operation team to operating rooms and equipment is included to make sure that all necessary resources are available. The Astrada KPS application also gives a follow-up on daily and weekly level to show how well the plan has been followed in a clear and visual interface. The plan and schedule can be connected to cost per patient data, to give an immediate insight in how an increased production rate or changed production mix will affect the clinic's variable costs.