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Reporting Services

With reliable profitability information, you can do much more

Take a good look at your business. Then ask yourself the following questions: How do I monitor and measure success? And where do I find the information needed to do anything about it?

Most likely, the answer is found in a large number of internal reports, delivered by different units and a multitude of IT-systems. The problem is very seldom to find figures and answers. The problem is to find the right figures, the answers to the right questions, to combine them, and to draw the right conclusions. The truth is that many companies today struggle with trying to narrow it down to the essentials. Sometimes due to IT-problems, systems not communicating with one another, but more often due to the vast amount of information present in the different systems.

A solution to this is advanced reporting. Astrada has the skills and experience to build blocks of information that allow you to thoroughly analyse the state of your business.

This is done using well-renowned third-party analysis software, such as Cognos, Oracle BI or QlikView .The reports can be combined with Astrada4 as a data capturing and profitability analysis pre-processing engine, making it possible for you to combine the profitability analysis data with any relevant data available in any of your legacy systems.

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