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Price Leakage Management

Continuous price leakage management, utilizing the power of Astrada, helps companies save millions of Euro per year. And counting!

The power of pricing is well known. A small increase in a company’s actual earnings can have a substantial effect on bottom line results – as can the identification and management of price leakages, i.e., costs affecting the pocket price. The challenge is to develop – and to implement – a model that actually works in practice. Our solution is a Price waterfall analysis based on our expertise and our software Astrada4.

At Astrada, we believe in the power of analysis, by means of profitability simulation, pre-costing and post calculation.
Therefore, we have developed Astrada4 – an easy-to-use tool that supports all steps needed for producing profitability information, as well as methods for analysing the information. It is mainly designed for large-scale operations,
but has also proven most useable in smaller standalone companies or units. Contact us >