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IT-Cost Analysis

Astradas IT-cost analysis provides improved knowledge of what actually drives IT-cost internally

Most companies, and especially those operating within the areas of Finance or Professional Services, often struggle with understanding what drives actual IT-cost. As a result, decisions are often made on poor decision data, possibly leading to suboptimal and costly efforts and solutions. Furthermore, the lack of common profitability analysis tools often more or less forces the organisation to develop their own, costly “hacks”– in for example Excel and Access – as a complement to the existing ERP-systems. Simply because the current solutions are not sufficient.

The solution to this is to build and deploy a common analysis model, linking direct and indirect IT-cost to relevant, well defined result objects within the IT organization. This also makes it possible to measure effects of action over time, and to improve the quality of decisions taken.

Our solution can help organizations to monitor IT-cost continuously both for strategic and day-to-day operational IT management. The results clearly shows the effect of actions taken.

”Astrada has given us the compass needed to understand what drives IT-cost per project resource and maintenance object. Now, we can finally monitor the effects of changes every quarter, and use the results in our prognosis for the future.” says the CIO of one of our customers. Contact us >