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Data Mining

Data Mining – New Possibilities to Utilize Information

Today, most companies have large scale data warehouses containing plenty of information about everything from production statistics and extensive order registers to financial information on detailed level. Data mining is about using sophisticated statistical methods to find correlations and patterns in large data amounts. The methods have been known since long ago, but only in recent years – with growing computing power and more easy accessible data – they can now be practically applied.

Studying Customer behavior is one area where data mining has been used with success. For example, knowing a specific customer’s purchase, which other products will the same customer most probably buy? By using data mining one can have the answer.

Astrada supports the process by preparing the data sets, set up an analysis that applies to the given question and then present and interpret the result. Astrada uses the Oracle data mining tool to run the statistical functions on large amounts of data, making it possible to get the results within a minimum of time.

Astrada also integrates data mining as a part in the profitability calculation process. Data mining takes the result analysis to a new level by making it easier to identify the parameters which are affecting the profitability both in short- and long-term perspective. Contact us >