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One tool for all your profitability information needs

A basic Astrada5 implementation gives your organisation the possibility to monitor and analyse actual profitability data in all relevant (defined) dimensions, such as product, customer, and sales channel. It also provides you with powerful pre-costing functionality, as well as the functionality to simulate the effect of future scenarios, using actual profitability data.

In short, Astrada5 supports all steps of Profitability Based Management in one system:

  • Analysing and documenting Resources, Activities, Drivers and Processes.
  • Linking general ledger to resources and calculating cost per driver and activity.
  • Designing calculation model and integrating with source systems.
  • Scheduling, that is, defining, documenting and automating a total update.
  • Reporting and result analysis.
  • Functionality to setup calculations on a daily basis and on order-load.
  • Functionality of using the methodology in a pre-calculation.