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Alfa Laval Operations HSS

By using product calculations in Astrada4, Alfa Laval Operations HSS is now able to measure the advantages of a modular product assortment

Alfa Laval Operations HSS manufactures high speed separators. When the factory in Eskilstuna was going to launch a new product assortment, the old mark-up calculation was misleading. The cost reductions that were clear in practice did not show in the product calculations, because the calculations did not reflect the assortment complexity and the additional costs often related to a wide product range. After doing a business analysis, Astrada presented a new calculation model that better reflects the actual resource consumption.

– The new calculation really shows the effects of the modular design. Compared to the old assortment, the new product range gets a positive impact in the product calculation. We have achieved our objectives in the project, says Mikael Tydén, General Manager Product Group HSS, Alfa Laval Operations. – I’m very satisfied. This is important for the business and our competitiveness – to be able to focus on the right things.

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