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The ABC of Astrada

The ABC of Astrada

Astrada was founded as a reaction to the consultancy business, making business out of selling one-shot profitability analysis services. The founders, all very proficient and experienced in the ABC Methodology (Activity Based Costing), share an honest belief that this kind of information really should be implemented where best needed – as part of an organization’s day-to-day strategic and operational business processes – and not by means of costly consultancy reports for single-use purposes.

The result of this effort is an evolved ABC-method, better suited for today’s situations, and a supporting software solution, namely Astrada4.

Astrada is a Swedish company delivering expertise and software solutions to large and medium sized client companies. In short, we help our clients understand where and why profit is created in the dimensions customer, product and sales channel. In this way, we help our clients make better strategic and operational decisions in their daily work. Without the need for additional external help. Key project deliverables are tools and seminars that ensure that the information created is easily accessible, explained and used.