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Solution Partners

Why re-invent the wheel

The Astrada Solution Partners provide software solutions complementary and compatible with Astrada4. We take pride in not re-inventing the wheel time after time. Instead, we focus on our core competence – profitability analysis – and team up with competent partners as needed.

At Astrada, we build on our strengths. Our core competence is within advanced, generally available cost- and profitability analysis, and therefore, we have developed Astrada4 – a highly scalable profitability analysis and data management application.

Our strategy is always to find pragmatic solutions to our customers’ problems. Therefore, we have chosen to integrate Astrada4 with complementary, standard tools that are already acknowledged by the market, rather than developing competing functionality ourselves.

To the right, you find a list of our key solution partners that provides complementary tools, easily integrated with Astrada4. But the list is much longer. If you have a specific question about software interoperability, please contact us.