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Short History

Short History

Astrada was founded back in 2002 and the development of our Profitability Analysis System, Astrada4 (formerly AstradaPro), begun immediately. The software has since then constantly evolved with new capabilities and functionalities based on the needs and requests from our customers. Over the years the software has been implemented in many small and large organisations and has proven its usability within several different industry sectors, on four different continents.

Since the start Astrada has been growing steadily and essentially doubling its size every year by recruiting highly talented professionals.
We believe that our strength is in our people and their ability to bring solutions to our customers. We also believe that technology alone cannot make a company a leader in their business segment and hence we constantly invest in training our staff and in providing them with the best possible tools and conditions.

Astrada has its office at Skeppsbron in the Old town in Stockholm.