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Contact Information

All roads that lead to Astrada Astrada AB Skeppsbron 20 SE-111 30 Stockholm Sweden Tel: +46 8 601 25 70 E-mail: Individual e-mail:

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The ABC of Astrada

The ABC of Astrada Astrada was founded as a reaction to the consultancy business, making business out of selling one-shot profitability analysis services. The founders, all very proficient and experienced in the ABC Methodology (Activity Based Costing), share an honest belief that this kind of information really should be implemented where best needed – as …

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Short History

Short History Astrada was founded back in 2002 and the development of our Profitability Analysis System, Astrada4 (formerly AstradaPro), begun immediately. The software has since then constantly evolved with new capabilities and functionalities based on the needs and requests from our customers. Over the years the software has been implemented in many small and large …

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If you can’t beat us – join us! At Astrada, we combine traditional business consulting with innovative software engineering. In short, we help our customers improve their profitability by implementing state-of-the-art tools and means that improve their day-to-day strategic and operational decisions. Our list of clients is long and covers a large variety of industries …

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Solution Partners

Why re-invent the wheel The Astrada Solution Partners provide software solutions complementary and compatible with Astrada4. We take pride in not re-inventing the wheel time after time. Instead, we focus on our core competence – profitability analysis – and team up with competent partners as needed. At Astrada, we build on our strengths. Our core …

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Implementation Partners

Global reach through local presence The Astrada Implementation Partners are highly proficient in the Astrada4 solution, as well as the theory behind it. Often, they take the role of local implementation teams in global implementations, but they also take responsibility for smaller, local implementation projects and training efforts. Astrada operations are as global as our …

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